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WSM is the callsign of a 50,000 watt AM radio station located in Nashville, Tennessee. Operating at 650 kHz, its clear channel signal can reach much of North America and various countries, especially late at night. It now bears the distinction of being one of only three AM clear channel stations in eastern North America to broadcast music; practically all the others employ a variation of a news/talk format, such as all-sports, all-business, all-news, etc. The WSM callsign is also assigned to an FM station in Nashville, and was shared by Nashville's then co-owned television Channel 4, now WSMV, until 1981. WSM has been nicknamed "The Air Castle of the South". The station is most known as the home of The Grand Ole Opry, the world's longest running radio program. In addition to music, WSM broadcasts headline news segments from CBS Radio Network News at the start of most hours. However some hours are led off by local news reports from WSM, while times blocked for music programs such as the Grand Ole Opry do not include any news segments.

Awards by WSM

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Peabody Award
Honored for : Of Violence and Victims


Peabody Award
Honored for : Grand Ole Opry
(An Institutional Award for its mark on both music and broadcasting.)