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2013 Producers Guild of America Award

Check winners and nominations of 2013 Producers Guild of America Award. Check awards winners of 24th Annual Producers Guild Awards. (Click on the Award name to show winners and nominees)

24th Annual Producers Guild Awards

Producers Guild of America Award for Best Theatrical Motion Picture

Grant Heslov, George Clooney, Ben Affleck

Honored for : Argo

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
George Clooney Argo
Ben Affleck Argo
Grant Heslov Argo
Jeremy Dawson Moonrise Kingdom
Steven M. Rales Moonrise Kingdom
Wes Anderson Moonrise Kingdom
Scott Rudin Moonrise Kingdom
Dan Janvey Beasts of the Southern Wild
Michael Gottwald Beasts of the Southern Wild
Josh Penn Beasts of the Southern Wild
Tim Bevan Les Misérables
Eric Fellner Les Misérables
Cameron Mackintosh Les Misérables
Debra Hayward Les Misérables
David Womark Life of Pi
Gil Netter Life of Pi
Ang Lee Life of Pi
Mark Boal Zero Dark Thirty
Megan Ellison Zero Dark Thirty
Kathryn Bigelow Zero Dark Thirty
Jonathan Gordon Silver Linings Playbook
Bruce Cohen Silver Linings Playbook
Donna Gigliotti Silver Linings Playbook
Steven Spielberg Lincoln
Kathleen Kennedy Lincoln
Michael G. Wilson Skyfall
Barbara Broccoli Skyfall
Stacey Sher Django Unchained
Reginald Hudlin Django Unchained
Pilar Savone Django Unchained
PGA Producer of the Year Award in Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures

Clark Spencer

Honored for : Wreck-It Ralph

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Katherine Sarafian Brave
Allison Abbate Frankenweenie
Tim Burton Frankenweenie
Christina Steinberg Rise of the Guardians
Nancy Bernstein Rise of the Guardians
Travis Knight ParaNorman
Arianne Sutner ParaNorman
Clark Spencer Wreck-It Ralph
David L. Wolper Producer of the Year Award in Long-Form Television

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Gary Goetzman Game Change
Jay Roach Game Change
Danny Strong Game Change
Amy Sayres Game Change
Tom Hanks Game Change
Steven Shareshian Game Change
Chip Vucelich American Horror Story
Bradley Buecker American Horror Story
Dante Di Loreto American Horror Story
Alexis Martin Woodall American Horror Story
Ryan Murphy American Horror Story
Brad Falchuk American Horror Story
Mark Gatiss Sherlock
Steven Moffat Sherlock
Sue Vertue Sherlock
Beryl Vertue Sherlock
Julie A. Dunfey The Dust Bowl
Ken Burns The Dust Bowl
Dayton Duncan The Dust Bowl
Darrell Fetty Hatfields & McCoys
Barry M. Berg Hatfields & McCoys
Leslie Greif Hatfields & McCoys
Kevin Costner Hatfields & McCoys
Herb Nanas Hatfields & McCoys
Stanley Kramer Award

Lee Hirsch, Cynthia Lowen

Honored for : Bully
PGA Milestone Award
PGA David O. Selznick Achievement Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures
PGA Award for Outstanding Producer of Documentary Theatrical Motion Pictures

Simon Chinn, Malik Bendjelloul

Honored for : Searching for Sugar Man

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Estelle Fialon The Gatekeepers
Philippa Kowarsky The Gatekeepers
Dror Moreh The Gatekeepers
Stephen Chandler Whitehead A People Uncounted
Marc Swenker A People Uncounted
Tom Rasky A People Uncounted
Aaron Yeger A People Uncounted
Simon Chinn Searching for Sugar Man
Malik Bendjelloul Searching for Sugar Man
Jon Weinbach The Other Dream Team
Marius A. Markevicius The Other Dream Team
Richard Berge The Island President
Bonni Cohen The Island President
Danny Thomas Producer of the Year Award in Episodic Television - Comedy

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Chuck Lorre The Big Bang Theory
Bill Prady The Big Bang Theory
Faye Oshima Belyeu The Big Bang Theory
Steven Molaro The Big Bang Theory
John Riggi 30 Rock
Irene Burns 30 Rock
Kay Cannon 30 Rock
Josh Siegal 30 Rock
Jerry Kupfer 30 Rock
Matt Hubbard 30 Rock
Marci Klein 30 Rock
Luke Del Tredici 30 Rock
Robert Carlock 30 Rock
Lorne Michaels 30 Rock
Vali Chandrasekaran 30 Rock
Dylan Morgan 30 Rock
David Miner 30 Rock
Jeff Richmond 30 Rock
Tina Fey 30 Rock
Ron Weiner 30 Rock
M. Blair Breard Louie
Dave Becky Louie
Louis C.K. Louie
Christopher Lloyd Modern Family
Abraham Higginbotham Modern Family
Jeffrey Richman Modern Family
Cindy Chupack Modern Family
Jeffrey Morton Modern Family
Chris Smirnoff Modern Family
Paul Corrigan Modern Family
Dan O'Shannon Modern Family
Brad Walsh Modern Family
Bill Wrubel Modern Family
Steven Levitan Modern Family
Danny Zuker Modern Family
Ben Karlin Modern Family
Jeff Garlin Curb Your Enthusiasm
David Mandel Curb Your Enthusiasm
Laura Streicher Curb Your Enthusiasm
Erin O’Malley Curb Your Enthusiasm
Tim Gibbons Curb Your Enthusiasm
Larry Charles Curb Your Enthusiasm
Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm
Alec Berg Curb Your Enthusiasm
Jeff Schaffer Curb Your Enthusiasm
Norman Felton Producer of the Year Award in Episodic Television - Drama

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Liz Trubridge Downton Abbey
Gareth Neame Downton Abbey
Julian Fellowes Downton Abbey
Matthew Weiner Mad Men
Victor Levin Mad Men
Blake McCormick Mad Men
Jon Hamm Mad Men
Andre Jacquemetton Mad Men
Maria Jacquemetton Mad Men
Scott Hornbacher Mad Men
Michael Cuesta Homeland
Alex Gansa Homeland
Alexander Cary, Master of Falkland Homeland
Chip Johannessen Homeland
Howard Gordon Homeland
Henry Bromell Homeland
Michael Klick Homeland
Meredith Stiehm Homeland
Bernadette Caulfield Game of Thrones
D. B. Weiss Game of Thrones
Carolyn Strauss Game of Thrones
Frank Doelger Game of Thrones
David Benioff Game of Thrones
Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad
Melissa Bernstein Breaking Bad
Sam Catlin Breaking Bad
Michelle MacLaren Breaking Bad
Peter Gould Breaking Bad
Diane Mercer Breaking Bad
Thomas Schnauz Breaking Bad
Stewart Lyons Breaking Bad
Mark Johnson Breaking Bad
Moira Walley-Beckett Breaking Bad
George Mastras Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad
PGA Television Producer of the Year Award in Episodic - Outstanding Sports Program

Joe Perskie, Chapman Downes

Honored for : Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Christopher G. Cowen On Freddie Roach
Billy Keane On Freddie Roach
Matthew Goldberg On Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach On Freddie Roach
Joe Perskie Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel
Chapman Downes Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel
Christopher G. Cowen The Fight Game with Jim Lampley
Matthew Goldberg The Fight Game with Jim Lampley
Matthew McDonald Steve Bartman: Catching Hell
Libby Geist Steve Bartman: Catching Hell
Alison Ellwood Steve Bartman: Catching Hell
Gary Cohen Steve Bartman: Catching Hell
PGA Television Producer of the Year Award in Episodic - Outstanding Children's Program

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Clayton Boen iCarly
Arthur Gradstein iCarly
Dan Schneider iCarly
Robin Weiner iCarly
George Doty IV iCarly
Sean Gill iCarly
Karla Torres iCarly
Joe Catania iCarly
Weight of the Nation
For \"The Great Cafeteria Takeover\".
Natasha Kopp Phineas and Ferb
Jeff Marsh Phineas and Ferb
Jeff "Swampy" Marsh Phineas and Ferb
Dan Povenmire Phineas and Ferb
Carol-Lynn Parente Sesame Street
Christine Walters Sesame Street
Benjamin Lehmann Sesame Street
Rebecca Rosa Sesame Street
Kevin Clash Sesame Street
Melissa Dino Sesame Street
Tim Carter Sesame Street
Jim Gerkin Good Luck Charlie
Pixie Wespiser Good Luck Charlie
Kim Tushinsky Good Luck Charlie
Dan Staley Good Luck Charlie
Patrick McCarthy Good Luck Charlie
Drew Vaupen Good Luck Charlie
Reid Nakamura Good Luck Charlie
Erika Kaestle Good Luck Charlie
Phil Baker Good Luck Charlie
Christopher Vane Good Luck Charlie
PGA Television Producer of the Year Award in Episodic - Outstanding Digital Series

30 Rock

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
The Guild
30 Rock
Top Chef
H+: The Digital Series
Joel Heyman Red vs. Blue
Gus Sorola Red vs. Blue
PGA Television Producer of the Year Award in Episodic - Competition Television

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Richard A. Pizante The Voice
Chad Hines The Voice
Jamie Evans The Voice
Jim Roush The Voice
Stijn Bakkers The Voice
Mark Burnett The Voice
Audrey Morrissey The Voice
Nicolle Yaron The Voice
John de Mol The Voice
David Pritikin The Voice
Dan Cutforth Top Chef
Jane Lipsitz Top Chef
Nan Strait Top Chef
Dan Murphy Top Chef
Casey Kriley Top Chef
Mark Vertullo The Amazing Race
Jerry Bruckheimer The Amazing Race
Elise Doganieri The Amazing Race
Bertram van Munster The Amazing Race
Jonathan Littman The Amazing Race
Jane Cha Project Runway
Sara Rea Project Runway
Jonathan Murray Project Runway
Heidi Klum Project Runway
Desiree Gruber Project Runway
Tim Gunn Project Runway
Colleen Sands Project Runway
Joe Sungkur Dancing with the Stars
Ashley Edens Dancing with the Stars
Conrad Green Dancing with the Stars
PGA Television Producer of the Year Award in Episodic - Live Entertainment & Talk Television

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Matt Lappin The Colbert Report
Barry Julien The Colbert Report
Meredith Bennett The Colbert Report
Emily Lazar The Colbert Report
Jon Stewart The Colbert Report
Tom Purcell The Colbert Report
Rich Dahm The Colbert Report
Tanya Michnevich The Colbert Report
Stephen Colbert The Colbert Report
Paul Dinello The Colbert Report
Billy Martin Real Time with Bill Maher
Scott Carter Real Time with Bill Maher
Sheila Griffiths Real Time with Bill Maher
Marc Gurvitz Real Time with Bill Maher
Bill Maher Real Time with Bill Maher
Dean E. Johnsen Real Time with Bill Maher
Lorne Michaels Saturday Night Live
Steve Higgins Saturday Night Live
Ken Aymong Saturday Night Live
Erik Kenward Saturday Night Live
John Mulaney Saturday Night Live
Ken Crosby Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jennifer Sharron Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Erin Irwin Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Doug DeLuca Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jill Leiderman Jimmy Kimmel Live!
David Craig Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jason Schrift Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Hillary Hunn Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Lorne Michaels Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Michael Shoemaker Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Gavin Purcell Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
PGA Producer of the Year Award in Non-Fiction Television

Julie Sacks, Prudence Glass, Susan Lacy

Honored for : American Masters

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Inside the Actors Studio
Bill Pruitt Deadliest Catch
Sean Dash Deadliest Catch
Sheila McCormack Deadliest Catch
Thom Beers Deadliest Catch
Decker Watson Deadliest Catch
Jeff Conroy Deadliest Catch
John Gray Deadliest Catch
Sandy Zweig No Reservations
Christopher Collins No Reservations
Tom Vitale No Reservations
Lydia Tenaglia No Reservations
Mike Steed No Reservations
Susan Lacy American Masters
Julie Sacks American Masters
Prudence Glass American Masters
Clay Newbill Shark Tank
Laura Skowlund Shark Tank
Patrick Wood Shark Tank
Jim Roush Shark Tank
Rhett Bachner Shark Tank
Becky Blitz Shark Tank
Brien Meagher Shark Tank
Yun Lingner Shark Tank
Mark Burnett Shark Tank
Paul Sutera Shark Tank
Bill Gaudsmith Shark Tank
PGA Visionary Award
PGA Lifetime Achievement Award in Television

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