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2006 Saturn Award

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Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress

Summer Glau

Honored for : Serenity

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Eva Green Casino Royale
Jessica Alba Sin City
Saturn Award for Best Costume

Yee Chung Man

Honored for : Curse of the Golden Flower

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Judianna Makovsky X-Men: The Last Stand
Yee Chung Man Curse of the Golden Flower
Nic Ede Flyboys
Penny Rose Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Sammy Sheldon V for Vendetta
Saturn Award for Best Action or Adventure Film

Casino Royale

Saturn Award for Best Director

Peter Jackson

Honored for : King Kong
Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Honored for : Ghost Whisperer
Saturn Award for Best Music

John Williams

Honored for : Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
David Arnold Casino Royale
Hans Zimmer Batman Begins
James Newton Howard Batman Begins