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1991 Stonewall Book Award

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Stonewall Book Awards - Israel Fishman Non-Fiction Award

Wayne R. Dynes

Honored for : Encyclopedia of Homosexuality

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Nominee Nominated Work
Wayne R. Dynes Encyclopedia of Homosexuality
Allan Bérubé Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women in World War Two
Cal Gough Gay and Lesbian Library Service
Ellen Greenblatt Gay and Lesbian Library Service
Bret Hinsch Passions of the cut sleeve
Mary Ann Humphrey My Country, My Right to Serve: Experiences of Gay Men and Women in the Military, World War II to the Present
Janice E Rench Understanding sexual identity
Stuart Timmons The Trouble With Harry Hay: Founder of the Modern Gay Movement
Bonnie Zimmerman The Safe Sea of Women: Lesbian Fiction 1969-1989
Stonewall Book Award-Barbara Gittings Literature Award

Minnie Bruce Pratt

Honored for : Crime Against Nature

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Nominee Nominated Work
Minnie Bruce Pratt Crime Against Nature
Michael Cunningham A Home at the End of the World
John Gilgun Music I Never Dreamed Of
David Leavitt A Place I've Never Been: Stories
Paula Martinac Out of Time
Matthew Stadler Landscape: Memory