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1946 Nobel Prize

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Check Nobel Prize winners & nominees for 1946 award ceremonies 1946 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and 1946 Nobel Prize Ceremony.
1946 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony 1946 Nobel Prize Ceremony

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Nobel Peace Prize

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Nobel Prize in Literature

Hermann Hesse

(for his inspired writings which, while growing in boldness and penetration, exemplify the classical humanitarian ideals and high qualities of style)

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Nominee Nominated Work
André Gide
Angelos Sikelianos
Arnulf Øverland
Arvid Mörne
Boris Pasternak
Charles Langbridge Morgan
Charles Ferdinand Ramuz
E. M. Forster
François Mauriac
Georges Duhamel
H. G. Wells
Herbert John Clifford Grierson
Hermann Hesse
Ignazio Silone
Maria Madalena de Martel Patrício
Marie Under
Nikolai Berdyaev
Ricarda Huch
Sholem Asch
T. S. Eliot
Tarjei Vesaas
Winston Churchill
Nobel Prize in Physics

Percy Williams Bridgman

(for the invention of an apparatus to produce extremely high pressures, and for the discoveries he made therewith in the field of high pressure physics)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Wendell Meredith Stanley, John Howard Northrop

(for their preparation of enzymes and virus proteins in a pure form)
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Hermann Joseph Muller

(for the discovery of the production of mutations by means of X-ray irradiation)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

James B. Sumner

(for his discovery that enzymes can be crystallized)