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1990 Nobel Prize

Check winners and nominees of 1990 Nobel Prize. Check awards winners of 1990 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and 1990 Nobel Prize Ceremony. (Click on the Award name to show winners and nominees)

Check Nobel Prize winners & nominees for 1990 award ceremonies 1990 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and 1990 Nobel Prize Ceremony.
1990 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony 1990 Nobel Prize Ceremony

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Nobel Peace Prize

Mikhail Gorbachev

(for his leading role in the peace process which today characterizes important parts of the international community)

1990 Nobel Prize Ceremony »

Nobel Prize in Literature

Octavio Paz

(for impassioned writing with wide horizons, characterized by sensuous intelligence and humanistic integrity)
Nobel Prize in Physics

Jerome Isaac Friedman, Henry Way Kendall, Richard E. Taylor

(for their pioneering investigations concerning deep inelastic scattering of electrons on protons and bound neutrons, which have been of essential importance for the development of the quark model in particle physics)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Elias James Corey

(for his development of the theory and methodology of organic synthesis)
Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

Merton Miller, Harry Markowitz, William Forsyth Sharpe

(for their pioneering work in the theory of financial economics)
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Joseph Murray, E. Donnall Thomas

(for their discoveries concerning organ and cell transplantation in the treatment of human disease)