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1983 Nobel Prize

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1983 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony 1983 Nobel Prize Ceremony

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Nobel Peace Prize

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Nobel Prize in Literature

William Golding

(for his novels which, with the perspicuity of realistic narrative art and the diversity and universality of myth, illuminate the human condition in the world of today.)
Nobel Prize in Physics

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

(for his theoretical studies of the physical processes of importance to the structure and evolution of the stars.)
Nobel Prize in Physics

William Alfred Fowler

(for his theoretical and experimental studies of the nuclear reactions of importance in the formation of the chemical elements in the universe.)
Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

Gérard Debreu

(for having incorporated new analytical methods into economic theory and for his rigorous reformulation of the theory of general equilibrium.)
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Barbara McClintock

(for her discovery of mobile genetic elements.)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Henry Taube

(for his work on the mechanisms of electron transfer reactions, especially in metal complexes.)