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2009 Canada Gairdner Awards

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Gairdner Foundation International Award

David Sackett

(For his leadership in the fields of clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine, which has transformed both clinical research and the practice of medicine.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Nubia Munoz

(For her epidemiological studies that defined the essential role of the human papilloma virus in the etiology of cervical cancer on a global level which led to the development of successful prophylactic vaccines.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Shinya Yamanaka

(For his demonstration that the key transcription factors which specify pluripotency may become reprogrammed somatic cells to pluripotent stem cells.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Richard Losick, Lucille Shapiro

(For the discovery of mechanisms that define cell polarity and asymmetric cell division, processes key in cell differentiation and in the generation of cell diversity.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Kazutoshi Mori, Peter Walter

(For the dissection and elucidation of a key pathway in the unfolded protein response which regulates protein folding in the cell.)