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1938 Pulitzer Prize

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1938 Pulitzer Prize

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

John P. Marquand

Honored for : The Late George Apley
Pulitzer Prize for Drama

Thornton Wilder

Honored for : Our Town
Pulitzer Prize for Public Service

The Bismarck Tribune

(For its news reports and editorials entitled, 'Self Help in the Dust Bowl.')
Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing

William Wesley Waymack

(For his distinguished editorial writing during the year.)
Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning

Vaughn Shoemaker

(For 'The Road Back.')
Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography

Odell Shepard

Honored for : Pedlar's Progress
Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography

Marquis James

Honored for : The Life of Andrew Jackson
Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

Marya Zaturenska

Honored for : Cold Morning Sky
Pulitzer Prize for History

Paul Herman Buck

Honored for : The Road to Reunion, 1865-1900
Pulitzer Prize for Correspondence

Arthur Krock

(For his exclusive authorized interview with the President of the United States on February 27, 1937.)
Pulitzer Prize for Reporting

Ray Sprigle

(For his series of articles, supported by photostats of the essential documents, exposing the one-time membership of Mr. Justice Hugo L. Black in the Ku Klux Klan.)
Pulitzer Prize Special Citations and Awards

Edmonton Journal

(A special bronze plaque for its editorial leadership in defense of the freedom of the press in the province of Alberta, Canada.)