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1976 Pulitzer Prize

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1976 Pulitzer Prize

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Saul Bellow

Honored for : Humboldt's Gift
Pulitzer Prize for Music

Ned Rorem

Honored for : Air Music
Pulitzer Prize for Public Service

Anchorage Daily News

(For its disclosures of the impact and influence of the Teamsters Union on Alaska's economy and politics.)
Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting

James Risser

(For disclosing large-scale corruption in the American grain exporting trade.)
Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting

Sydney Schanberg

(For his coverage of the Communist takeover in Cambodia, carried out at great risk when he elected to stay at his post after the fall of Phnom Penh.)
Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

Red Smith

(For his commentary on sports in 1975 and for many other years.)
Pulitzer Prize for Criticism

Alan M. Kriegsman

(For his critical writing about dance during 1975.)
Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing

Philip P. Kerby

(For his editorials against government secrecy and judicial censorship.)
Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning

Tony Auth

(For 'O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain,' published on July 22, 1975.)
Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography

R. W. B. Lewis

Honored for : Edith Wharton: A Biography
Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

John Ashbery

Honored for : Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror
Pulitzer Prize for History

Paul Horgan

Honored for : Lamy of Santa Fe
Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction

Robert Neil Butler

Honored for : Why Survive? Being Old In America
Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Reporting

Gene Miller

Honored for : The Miami Herald
([Local General or Spot News Reporting] For his persistent and courageous reporting over eight and one-half years that led to the exoneration and release of two men who had twice been tried for murder and wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death in Florida.)
Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography

Stanley Forman

(For his sequence of photographs of a fire in Boston on July 22, 1975.)
Pulitzer Prize for Drama
Pulitzer Prize Special Citations and Awards

John Hohenberg

(A special citation and an antique plaque inscribed by all the members of the Advisory Board, expressing appreciation for his services for 22 years as Administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes and for his achievements as teacher and journalist.)
Pulitzer Prize Special Citations and Awards

Scott Joplin

(Bestowed posthumously in this Bicentennial Year, for his contributions to American music.)
Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting

Chicago Tribune

([Local Investigative Specialized Reporting] For uncovering widespread abuses in Federal housing programs in Chicago and exposing shocking conditions at two private Chicago hospitals.)
Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography

The Courier-Journal

(For a comprehensive pictorial report on busing in Louisville's schools.)