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1973 Pulitzer Prize

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1973 Pulitzer Prize

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Eudora Welty

Honored for : The Optimist's Daughter
Pulitzer Prize for Drama

Jason Miller

Honored for : That Championship Season
Pulitzer Prize for Music

Elliott Carter

Honored for : String Quartet No. 3
Pulitzer Prize for Public Service

The Washington Post

(For its investigation of the Watergate case.)
Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting

The Sun Newspapers Of Omaha

([Local Investigative Specialized Reporting] For uncovering the large financial resources of Boys Town, Nebraska, leading to reforms in this charitable organization's solicitation and use of funds contributed by the public.)
Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting

Robert Boyd, Clark Hoyt

(For their disclosure of Senator Thomas Eagleton's history of psychiatric therapy, resulting in his withdrawal as the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee in 1972.)
Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting

Max Frankel

(For his coverage of President Nixon's visit to China in 1972.)
Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

David S. Broder

(For his columns during 1972.)
Pulitzer Prize for Criticism

Ron Powers

(For his critical writing about television during 1972.)
Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing

Roger B. Linscott

(For his editorials during 1972.)
Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography

Brian Lanker

(For his sequence on child birth, as exemplified by his photograph, 'Moment of Life.')
Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography

William Andrew Swanberg

Honored for : Luce and his empire
Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

Maxine Kumin

Honored for : Up Country
Pulitzer Prize for History

Michael Kammen

Honored for : People of Paradox: An Inquiry Concerning the Origins of American Civilization
Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction

Frances FitzGerald

Honored for : Fire in the Lake
Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction

Robert Coles

Honored for : Children of Crisis
Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography

Nick Ut

(For his photograph, The Terror of War, depicting children in flight from a napalm bombing.)
Pulitzer Prize Special Citations and Awards

James Thomas Flexner

Honored for : George Washington: the forge of experience, 1732-1775, George Washington in the American Revolution (1775-1783), George Washington, Vol. IV: Anguish and Farewell, 1793-1799, George Washington and the new nation, 1783-1793
(A special citation to George Washington, Vols. I-IV, by James Thomas Flexner)
Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Reporting

Chicago Tribune

(For uncovering flagrant violations of voting procedures in the primary election of March 21, 1972.)