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1975 Pulitzer Prize

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1975 Pulitzer Prize

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Michael Shaara

Honored for : The Killer Angels: A Novel of the Civil War
Pulitzer Prize for Drama

Edward Albee

Honored for : Seascape
Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography

Robert Caro

Honored for : The Power Broker
Pulitzer Prize for Music

Dominick Argento

Honored for : From the Diary of Virginia Woolf
Pulitzer Prize for Public Service

The Boston Globe

(For its massive and balanced coverage of the Boston school desegregation crisis.)
Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting

The Indianapolis Star

([Local Investigative Specialized Reporting] For its disclosures of local police corruption and dilatory law enforcement, resulting in a cleanup of both the Police Department and the office of the County Prosecutor.)
Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting

Donald Barlett, James Steele

(For their series 'Auditing the Internal Revenue Service,' which exposed the unequal application of Federal tax laws.)
Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting

William Mullen, Ovie Carter

(For their coverage of famine in Africa and India.)
Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

Mary McGrory

(For her commentary on public affairs during 1974.)
Pulitzer Prize for Criticism

Roger Ebert

(For his film criticism during 1974.)
Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing

John D. Maurice

(For his editorials about the Kanawha County schoolbook controversy.)
Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning

Garry Trudeau

(For his cartoon strip Doonesbury.)
Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography

Matthew Lewis

(For his photographs in color and black and white.)
Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

Gary Snyder

Honored for : Turtle Island
Pulitzer Prize for History

Dumas Malone

Honored for : Jefferson and His Time
Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction

Annie Dillard

Honored for : Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Reporting

Xenia Daily Gazette

([Local General or Spot News Reporting] For its coverage, under enormous difficulties, of the tornado that wrecked the city on April 3, 1974.)
Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography

Gerald H. Gay

(For his photograph of four exhausted firemen, Lull in the Battle.)