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2002 National Medal of Science

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National Medal of Science for Engineering

Leo Beranek

(For his leadership, dedication, and contributions to the art and science of acoustics; for co-founding one of the world's foremost acoustical research and consulting firms; and for sustained contributions to sciwntific societies and civic organizations.)
National Medal of Science for Chemistry

John I. Brauman

(For his seminal contributions in chemistry, giving new insight into the properties of ions and the dynamics and mechanisms of reactions, and for his landmark achievement in clarifying the key role of solvent in determining acid-base chemistry.)
National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

James E. Darnell

(For his seminal scientific discoveries related to gene expression in animal cells, including pathways of RNA processing and signal transduction from the cell surface to genes in the nucleus, and for his contributions as a scientific educator)
National Medal of Science for Physical Science

Richard Garwin

(In recognition of his research and discoveries in physics and related fields, and of his longstanding service to the Nation by providing valuable scientific advice on important questions of national security over a half a century.)
National Medal of Science for Mathematics and Computer Science

James Glimm

(For his original approaches and creative contributions to an array of disciplines in mathematical analysis and mathematical physics, which are fundamental to the theory of operator algebras, shock-wave theory, advanced quantum field theory, quantum statistical mechanics, applied mathematics, and scientific computation)
National Medal of Science for Physical Science

W. Jason Morgan

(For his development of the theories of plate tectonics and of deep mantle plumes, which revolutionized our understanding of the geological forces that control the earth\u2019s crust and deep interior and consequently influence the evolution of the earth\u2019s life and climate.)
National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Evelyn M. Witkin

(For her insightful and pioneering investigations on the genetics of DNA mutagenesis and DNA repair that have increased our understanding of processes as varied as evolution and the development of cancer.)
National Medal of Science for Physical Science

Edward Witten

(For his leadership in a broad range of topics in mathematics and theoretical physics, including attempts to understand the fundamental forces of nature through string theory, and his inspired use of insights from physics to unify apparently disparate areas of mathematics.)