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2008 Locus Award

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Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

Michael Chabon

Honored for : The Yiddish Policemen's Union

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Nominee Nominated Work
Robert Charles Wilson Axis
Matt Ruff Bad Monkeys
Richard K. Morgan Black Man
Ian McDonald Brasyl
Stephen Baxter Conqueror
K. J. Parker The Escapement
Charles Stross Halting State
Jo Walton Ha'penny
Brian Aldiss HARM
Kathleen Ann Goonan In War Times
Jay Lake Mainspring
Karl Schroeder Queen of Candesce
Susan Palwick Shelter
Kim Stanley Robinson Sixty Days and Counting
William Gibson Spook Country
Joe Haldeman The Accidental Time Machine
Ken MacLeod The Execution Channel
John Scalzi The Last Colony
Alastair Reynolds The Prefect
Kage Baker The Sons of Heaven
Michael Chabon The Yiddish Policemen's Union
Mark Budz Till Human Voices Wake Us
Elizabeth Bear Undertow
Locus Award for Best First Novel

Joe Hill

Honored for : Heart-Shaped Box: A Novel

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Eliot Fintushel Breakfast with the Ones You Love
Cassandra Clare City of Bones
Ysabeau S. Wilce Flora Segunda
Jon Armstrong Grey
Joe Hill Heart-Shaped Box: A Novel
Lane Robins Maledicte
Christopher Barzak One For Sorrow
Patrick Rothfuss The Name of the Wind
Alex Bledsoe The Sword-Edged Blonde
Melissa Marr Wicked Lovely
Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel

Terry Pratchett

Honored for : Making Money

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Daniel Abraham A Betrayal in Winter
Tim Pratt Blood Engines
John Meaney Bone Song
CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan Daughter of Hounds
John Crowley Endless Things: A Part of Aegypt
Hal Duncan Ink: The Book of All Hours 2
Terry Pratchett Making Money
Catherynne M. Valente The Orphan's Tales: In the Cities of Coin and Spice
Gene Wolfe Pirate Freedom
Lucius Shepard Softspoken
Emma Bull Territory
Patrick Rothfuss The Name of the Wind
Nalo Hopkinson The New Moon's Arms
Ekaterina Sedia The Secret History of Moscow
Matt Hughes The Spiral Labyrinth: A Tale of Henghis Hapthorn
Paul Park The White Tyger
John C. Wright Titans of Chaos
Elizabeth Bear Whiskey and Water: A Novel of the Promethean Age
Guy Gavriel Kay Ysabel
Locus Award for Best Short Story

Michael Swanwick

Honored for : A Small Room in Koboldtown

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Bruce Sterling A Plain Tale from Our Hills
Michael Swanwick A Small Room in Koboldtown
Karen Joy Fowler Always
Pat Cadigan Among Strangers
Nancy Kress Art of War
Tim Pratt Artifice and Intelligence
Peter S. Beagle Barrens Dancing
Nancy Kress By Fools Like Me
Theodora Goss Catherine and the Satyr
Barth Anderson Clockmaker's Requiem
Greg van Eekhout C-Rock City
Jay Lake C-Rock City
Kathleen Ann Goonan Electric Rains
Paul Park Fragrant Goddess
Stephen King Graduation Afternoon
M. Rickert Holiday
Ken MacLeod Jesus Christ, Reanimator
Stephen Baxter Last Contact
Robert Reed Magic with Thirteen-Year-Old Boys
M. Rickert Memoir of a Deer Woman
Benjamin Rosenbaum Molly and the Red Hat
Ellen Klages Mrs. Zeno's Paradox
Elizabeth Bear Orm the Beautiful
David Marusek Osama Phone Home
Terry Bisson Pirates of the Somali Coast
Ian McDonald Sanjeev and Robotwallah
Theodora Goss Singing of Mount Abora
Nalo Hopkinson Soul Case
William Browning Spencer Stone and the Librarian
Jeffrey Ford The Dreaming Wind
Jeffrey Ford The Drowned Life
Peter S. Beagle The Last and Only, or, Mr. Moscowitz Becomes French
Maureen F. McHugh The Lost Boy: A Reporter at Large
Bruce Sterling The Lustration
Jeffrey Ford The Manticore Spell
Kage Baker The Ruby Incomparable
Jeff VanderMeer The Third Bear
Holly Phillips Three Days of Rain
Elizabeth Bear Tideline
Jeffrey Ford Under the Bottom of the Lake
Andy Duncan Unique Chicken Goes In Reverse
Ian McDonald Verthandi's Ring
Ken MacLeod Who's Afraid of Wolf 359?
Locus Award for Best Anthology

Gardner Dozois, Jonathan Strahan

Honored for : The New Space Opera

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Sheila Williams Asimov's Science Fiction: 30th Anniversary Anthology
Jonathan Strahan Best Short Novels: 2007
Jonathan Strahan Eclipse 1
Rich Horton Fantasy: The Best of the Year: 2007 Edition
Lou Anders Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge
Ellen Datlow Inferno
John Klima Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories
John Kessel Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology
James Patrick Kelly Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology
Rich Horton Science Fiction: The Best of the Year: 2007 Edition
Gavin Grant The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
Kelly Link The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
Gardner Dozois Best of the Best Volume 2: 20 Years of the Year's Best Short Science Fiction Novels
Jonathan Strahan The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume One
Ellen Datlow The Coyote Road
Terri Windling The Coyote Road
Stephen Jones The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: Volume Eighteen
Jonathan Strahan The New Space Opera
Gardner Dozois The New Space Opera
Kathryn Morrow The SFWA European Hall of Fame
James K. Morrow The SFWA European Hall of Fame
George Mann The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction
Ellen Datlow The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2007: Twentieth Annual Collection
Gavin Grant The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2007: Twentieth Annual Collection
Kelly Link The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2007: Twentieth Annual Collection
Gardner Dozois The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth Annual Collection
Gardner Dozois Wizards
Jack Dann Wizards
Alexander Levitsky Worlds Apart: An Anthology of Russian Fantasy and Science Fiction
Kathryn Cramer Year's Best Fantasy 7
David G. Hartwell Year's Best Fantasy 7
Kathryn Cramer Year's Best SF 12
David G. Hartwell Year's Best SF 12
Locus Award for Best Collection

Connie Willis

Honored for : The Winds of Marble Arch

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Bruce Sterling Ascendancies: The Best of Bruce Sterling
Lucius Shepard Dagger Key and Other Stories
Kelley Eskridge Dangerous Space
David Marusek Getting to Know You
Kage Baker Gods and Pawns
Tim Pratt Hart & Boot & Other Stories
Elizabeth Bear New Amsterdam
Cory Doctorow Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present
Ian R. MacLeod Past Magic
Ellen Klages Portable Childhoods
Terry Dowling Rynemonn : Leopard Dreaming
Michael Swanwick The Dog Said Bow-Wow
Susan Palwick The Fate of Mice
Bruce McAllister The Girl Who Loved Animals and Other Stories
Sheila Finch The Guild of Xenolinguists
Laird Barron The Imago Sequence
Jack Vance The Jack Vance Treasury
Theodore Sturgeon The Nail and the Oracle
Connie Willis The Winds of Marble Arch