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1983 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Paul Erd?s

(for his numerous contributions to number theory, combinatorics, probability, set theory and mathematical analysis, and for personally stimulating mathematicians the world over.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Shiing-Shen Chern

(for outstanding contributions to global differential geometry, which have profoundly influenced all mathematics.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Erwin Hahn

(for his discovery of nuclear spin echoes and for the phenomenon of self-induced transparency.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Peter Hirsch

(for his development of the utilization of the transmission electron microscope as a universal instrument to study the structure of crystalline matter.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Theodore Maiman

(for his realization of the first operating laser, the pulsed three level ruby laser.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Herbert S. Gutowsky

(for his pioneering work in the development and applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in chemistry.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Harden M. McConnell

(for his studies of the electronic structure of molecules through paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy and for the introduction and biological applications of spin label techniques.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

John S. Waugh

(for his fundamental theoretical and experimental contributions to high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in solids.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Don Kirkham, Cornelis Teunis de Wit

(for their innovative contributions to the quantitative understanding of soil-water and other environmental interactions influencing crop growth and yield.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Ralph Erskine

(Architecture - for his fundamental contribution to contemporary architecture, based on his creative spirit, solving human problems in a highly original formal language.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine