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2005 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Grigory Margulis

(For his monumental contributions to algebra, in particular to the theory of lattices in semi-simple Lie groups, and striking applications of this to ergodic theory, representation theory, number theory, combinatorics, and measure theory.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Sergei Novikov

(For his fundamental and pioneering contributions to algebraic and differential topology, and to mathematical physics, notably the introduction of algebraic-geometric methods.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Daniel Kleppner

(For groundbreaking work in atomic physics of hydrogenic systems, including research on the hydrogen maser, Rydberg atoms and Bose-Einstein condensation.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Richard Zare

(For his ingenious applications of laser techniques, for identifying complex mechanisms in molecules, and their use in analytical chemistry.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Alexander Levitzki

(For pioneering signal transduction therapy and for developing tyrosine kinase inhibitors as effective agents against cancer and a range of other diseases.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Anthony R. Hunter

(For the discovery of protein kinases that phosphorylate tyrosine residues in proteins, critical for the regulation of a wide variety of cellular events, including malignant transformation.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Anthony Pawson

(For his discovery of protein domains essential for mediating protein-protein interactions in cellular signaling pathways, and the insights this research has provided into cancer.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Jean Nouvel

(Architecture - for providing a new model of contextualism and redefining the dialectic between the two salient characteristics of contemporary architecture: concreteness and ephemerality.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture