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1999 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

László Lovász

(For his outstanding contributions to combinatorics, theoretical computer science and combinatorial optimization.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Elias M. Stein

(For his contributions to classical and \u201CEuclidean\u201D Fourier analysis and for his exceptional impact on a new generation of analysts through his eloquent teaching and writing.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Dan Shechtman

(For the experimental discovery of quasi-crystals, non-periodic solids having long-range order, which inspired the exploration of a new fundamental state of matter.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Raymond Lemieux

(For his fundamental and seminal contributions to the study and synthesis of oligosaccharides and to the elucidation of their role in molecular recognition in biological systems.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Eric Kandel

(For the elucidation of the organismic, cellular and molecular mechanisms whereby short term memory is converted to a long term form.)
Wolf Prize in Arts
Wolf Prize in Agriculture