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1988 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Friedrich Hirzebruch

(For outstanding work combining topology, algebraic and differential geometry, and algebraic number theory; and for his stimulation of mathematical cooperation and research.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Lars Hörmander

(For fundamental work in modern analysis, in particular, the application of pseudo differential and Fourier integral operators to linear partial differential equations.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Roger Penrose, Stephen Hawking

(For their brilliant development of the theory of general relativity, in which they have shown the necessity for cosmological singularities and have elucidated the physics of black holes. In this work they have greatly enlarged our understanding of the origin and possible fate of the Universe.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Charles Thibault, Christopher Polge

(For pioneering work in reproductive physiology including cell preservation, fertilization processes, egg biology and embryo manipulations for domestic animal improvement.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Henri G. Hers, Elizabeth F. Neufeld

(For the biochemical elucidation of lysosomal storage diseases and the resulting contributions to biology, pathology, prenatal diagnosis, and therapeutics.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Joshua Jortner, Raphael David Levine

(For their incisive theoretical studies elucidating energy acquisition and disposal in molecular systems and mechanisms for dynamical selectivity and specificity.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Fumihiko Maki, Giancarlo De Carlo

(Architecture - for their work which represents the spirit of an architecture that looks to the future without renouncing the past; brings about meaningful shapes and environments without forsaking human and social aspects and responds to universal issues without neglecting regional attributes.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture