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1989 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

John Milnor

(For ingenious and highly original discoveries in geometry, which have opened important new vistas in topology from the algebraic, combinatorial, and differentiable viewpoint.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

John Gurdon

(For his introduction of the xenopus oocyte into molecular biology and his demonstration that the nucleus of a differentiated cell and of the egg differ in expression but not in the content of genetic material.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Edward B. Lewis

(For his demonstration and exploration of the genetic control of the development of body segments by homeotic genes.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Peter M. Biggs, Michael Elliott

(For distinguished contributions to basic science and its successful translation into practice in the fields of animal health and crop protection.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Duilio Arigoni, Alan R. Battersby

(For their fundamental contributions to the elucidation of the mechanism of enzymic reactions and of the biosynthesis of natural products, in particular the pigments of life.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Alberto Calderón

(For his groundbreaking work on singular integral operators and their application to and important problems in partial differential equations.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Claes Oldenburg

(Sculpture - who, over some three decades has invested prosaic objects with historic and mythical allusions. For all the simplicity of their subject matter, they are statements about metamorphosis and invite the observer to reflect upon life´s processes'.)
Wolf Prize in Physics