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1987 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Kiyoshi It?

(for his fundamental contributions to pure and applied probability theory, especially the creation of the stochastic differential and integral calculus.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Peter Lax

(for his outstanding contributions to many areas of analysis and applied mathematics.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Herbert Friedman

(for pioneering investigations in solar X-rays.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Theodor Otto Diener

(for his discovery and pioneering fundamental research on viroids and his applied work on viroid detection in crops.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Bruno Rossi, Riccardo Giacconi

(for the discovery of extra-solar X-ray sources and the elucidation of their physical processes.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Pedro Cuatrecasas, Meir Wilchek

(for the invention and development of affinity chromatography and its applications to biomedical sciences.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

David Chilton Phillips, David Mervyn Blow

(For their contributions to protein X-ray crystallography and to the elucidation of structures of enzymes and their mechanisms of action.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Isaac Stern

(music - for his everlasting humanistic contribution to society as an artist and educator, which transcends the boundaries of musical performance.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Krzysztof Penderecki

(music - for his achievements and innovations in the field of composition.)